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Solar Star Attic Fans unite advanced solar technologies with progressive designs to deliver exceptional power and performance. The result is a ventilation system that efficiently vents heat and moisture from your attic that, when trapped, can damage your home and drive up energy costs.

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Solar Star Attic Fans

As the leader in solar-powered attic ventilation systems, Solar Star offers technologically advanced and eco-friendly solutions that deliver comfort and peace of mind. By harnessing the power of the sun, Solar Star Attic Fans cost nothing to operate and are virtually maintenance-free. They also require no electrical wiring, making them easy to install and maintain. Since Solar Star Attic Fans prevent heat and moisture from reaching critical levels, your attic stays cool and dry. As a result, you get greater comfort, lower utility bills and prolonged roof life.


RM 1600

The RM 1600 Attic Fan generates maximum power to battle built-up heat and moisture in your attic. It’s the ideal solar-powered ventilation solution for large attic spaces and extreme climates.



RM 1200

The RM 1200 Attic Fan is designed to keep your attic cool and dry by driving out built-up heat and moisture. It’s the perfect solution for small attic spaces and moderate to mild climates.



IM 1200

The IM 1200 Attic Fan converts your passive vents into an active, solar-powered venting system. Mounted inside your attic, it drives out built-up heat and moisture through your existing vents. Perfect for gable, dormer and powered vents as well as whirlybirds.


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